BiometriX 2011 will focus on the subject of identifying people with 100% accuracy.
“I AM” is the capability of systems and processes to identify and authenticate that individuals are who
they say they are, what rights are subsequently associated with them and the access and privileges
they have. It is the integration of IM and AC into a functional and secure business process.

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:: Agenda - BiometriX 2011 ::

Call for papers open! The following subjects are suggested topics to meet the aim of the conference, to submit your paper and propose that you company presents at this event, please send an email to Carol Willis on, with the following information:

Presentation title and 100 word synopsis, 150 word company profile, 150 word speaker profile.

Submission deadline is 22 July 2011.

To meet the conference goals, the following topics will be included as far as possible:

Identity management

  • How can organisations go about deciding how to implement an effective IM programme? What matters? Best practices, processes and integration with existing systems? What support is there from IT systems, such as ERP?
  • How do the various non-security and IT functions integrate this into their world? How does HR integrate IM into company policy and obtain global support from employees and management?
  • What technology is available that helps organisations plan and implement IM?
  • Case studies

Access control

  • What are the latest trends in AC? Is the move to integrated physical and logical AC a reality or still a vendorís pipe dream?
  • Is there an increased move to biometrics? Is fingerprint biometrics losing ground to other technologies? We have seen more interest in facial and vein recognition, what other identification options can businesses consider? What standards have and are being adopted locally, in Africa and the world?
  • Is the integration of AC and IM on the enterprise agenda? What about in the public sector? Should it be?
  • Case studies

Integrated IM and AC

  • What is it? Why do it? What benefits are gained? Can it be done without problems of integrating legacy systems?
  • Tricks and traps in integration. What to look out for? What to avoid? Processes that streamline the project.
  • Looking ahead at the integrated IM/AC world of the future.
  • Does anyone have a clear definition of identity management that can be translated into clear and implementable business processes?